125 cc Motorcycles: The Most Demanded

125 cc Motorcycles: The Most Demanded 

Economical, agile, safe and protagonists of the new models of sustainable mobility in large cities thanks to their low levels of polluting emissions, the 125 cc motorcycles have become authentic “best sellers”.

125 cc motorcycles

Undoubtedly, the profile of the Spanish motorist has changed remarkably in recent decades. In the 80s and 90s of the last century, the biker of our country liked to boast of “fat” motorcycle, with which he attended concentrations and great prizes. But, today, that type of motorcycle enjoys less acceptance. Thus, according to the statistical observatory of the National Association of Companies of the Sector of Two Wheels (Anesdor) , between January and June of 2018 22,910 motorcycles were sold with a displacement superior to 500 cc, a figure that represents a percentage of the market of 28.9 %.

On the contrary, the 125 cc bikes are booming and their sales almost double those of the models of more than 500 cc. Specifically, in the first half of the year, 41,909 units were delivered, a volume that translates into a market share of 52.9%.

125 cc motorcycles: everything is advantage

The reason for this splendor of low displacement bikes has several answers. As we have reflected in other articles of the blog of Xenasegur, this type of vehicle is ideal to travel around the city, its natural habitat, since, compared to cars, they can reach the destination earlier.

And to prove it has been commissioned by the European Federation of Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA, for its acronym in English), author of a report, drawn up in different European capitals, in which it has become clear that the bike is unfolding at ease in the great city. One example is Oslo, where a motorist spent 65 minutes traveling 29 kilometers between a suburb and the center of the Norwegian town, while a motorist made the same trip in 27 minutes.

Another of the reasons that have turned the 125 cc motorcycles into authentic “best sellers” is that they allow to save on fuel thanks to their meager consumption. In some models, solutions like the so – called Idle-Stop contribute to this, a system similar to the Start / Stop of the cars that disconnects the engine in stoppages due to traffic jams or at a red traffic light and that starts it up again when the handle is fired. Of the accelerator. With the current mechanics, increasingly sophisticated, it is possible to travel more than 400 kilometers with a single deposit.

Also, among the benefits provided by the 125 cc motorcycles in the urban environment is the ease of parking . Precisely, this advantage is the most appreciated by those who have participated in the study “Radiography of the motorist in Spain”, prepared by Midas in collaboration with the Pons Foundation .

Specifically, 92% of respondents value not having problems when parking. And also in very high percentages, they point out that traveling by motorcycle leaves them closer to their destination (86%), that journeys are made more quickly (81%) and that, compared to a car, the motorcycle represents a lower expense (65%). And as for the main reason that leads them to use this type of vehicle, 74% of the users consulted affirm that they use the motorcycle to travel to work or to their study center.

Since we have referred to the cost savings, one of them is the maintenance, clearly lower than a car. In this section, 68% of the interviewees declare to take their motorcycle to the revision with the frequency recommended by the manufacturer and 15% declare to be even more careful. Tune-up work in which, by the way, the condition of the brake equipment must be verified. In this section, the latest generation 125cc bikes have high safety standards, since the Euro 4 standard requires them to mount a combined braking system (CBS) or an anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard . Another advantage to consider.

125 cc motorcycles: A new mobility model

Especially for drivers who have more than three years of experience with the B license and decide to change the car for a 125 cc motorcycle or a three-wheeled scooter . And they opt for these means of transport not only for all the benefits we have cited -to which must be added the price of the vehicle, well below the rate of a car-. In addition, restrictions on the circulation of vehicles that generate more harmful emissions, imposed by some municipalities in episodes of high pollution, have led to a new model of mobility.

A concept that involves creating more pedestrian spaces, restricting traffic to the most polluting vehicles and betting on more sustainable means of transport. And among the latter are the 125 cc motorcycles, which, since the entry into force of the Euro norms in March 1999, have significantly reduced their level of emissions.

In this regard, as explained by the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) , emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides of motorcycles, in general, have been reduced by more than 90% in the last two decades. And these vehicles will be cleaner in 2020 with the arrival of the Euro 5 standard, which will further reduce the emission thresholds for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

Xenasegur: added value for mediation

It is clear, then, why 125 cc motorcycles are the most demanded vehicles in the Spanish market. With them, everything is advantageous: compared to cars, they allow you to get to the destination faster, consume less and provide a great autonomy, park more easily, require less payment for maintenance and the final price makes them very convenient transportation alternatives. affordable – 125 cc models are sold with a price below 1,500 euros.

And now, remember to remember that compulsory insurance is also cheaper. In this regard, Xenasegur brings added value to mediation professionals by being a specialist in insurance for all types of motorcycles: from conventional to classic, including electric and scooters. Some products that, according to Mónica Galera , Director of Xenasegur, have been designed to satisfy both their employees and the final customer:

“The mediators know that we are specialists in insurance for all types of motorcycles, among them, those of 125 cc; Therefore, they always count on us when proposing an insurance of these characteristics to a user. In addition, we offer all the necessary advice so that the clients of our collaborators are satisfied with the policies they subscribe to “.

And within the affiliate subscription agency of the French group Filhet-Allard, one of the experts responsible for publicizing its products is Jorge Moreno. Specifically, the Commercial Director of Xenasegur is responsible for explaining the main features and coverage of insurance to those who attend the training sessions held in the Associations of Insurance Brokers that have signed a collaboration agreement with the subscription agency . In the case of motorcycle insurance, Moreno highlights the great acceptance they have:

“Our motorcycle insurances are in high demand because current motorcyclists have changed: they are now more demanding. They no longer comply with the obligatory insurance of civil responsibility, but they want to personalize their policy with the coverage of robbery and fire, own damages (all risk), accidents of the driver or assistance in trip. In the case of the Xenasegur offer, many users are surprised when they are told that, in addition to the vehicle, they can also insure their motorcycle equipment and the accessories they have installed on the motorcycle. That’s what sets us apart as a specialist that is one step ahead of the market. ”

In short, Xenasegur offers all types of products for motorcyclists, including those designed to ensure the most demanded motorcycles today: those of 125 cc. A segment of the market that, until the take-off of electric models, is called to continue monopolizing the bulk of sales by positioning itself as the leading protagonist of the new models of sustainable mobility.