Mediators: Advantages of Being Associated

Mediators: Advantages of Being Associated

Belonging to an association or a school of mediators brings many advantages to professionals selling insurance. Among them, the possibility of expanding knowledge through training days such as those organized by Xenasegur.


According to the Single Information Point (PUI) of insurance and reinsurance mediators of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP) , in Spain there are around 97,000 mediators. This has been reflected in the “2017 We Are Safe Report” of the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Entities (Unespa) , where it has also become clear that the sum of the data from the DGSFP and the mediation itself indicates that there is a collective of 120,000 people who, in one way or another, participate in the insurance sales process.

If we stick to the information provided by the study “The profile of the new insurance broker and brokerage 2017” prepared by the portal , last year a total of 75 brokers and 117 brokerages were registered in our country, figures that suppose an increase of 5% with regard to those registered in 2016 and of 20% in relation to those recorded in 2015.

How are the new insurance brokers?

Regarding the profile of the new insurance brokers, of the 75 that were registered in 2017, 72% were men and the remaining 28% were women, with an average age of 39 years -42 years in the case of the first and 37 years in the second. And by strips, the two that most concentrated professionals were the 31 to 35 years (21.50%) and the 36 to 40 years (33.50%).

With regard to training, 64% of new brokers and those who decided to start a brokerage in 2017 had university studies (61% in 2016), a percentage that doubles that of those who had completed Baccalaureate (31 %, figure in line with the 32% registered a year earlier). And one step below, 5% claimed to have studied Vocational Training of grade II (7% in 2016).

And in terms of experience, 78% of new brokers and professionals who created an insurance broker in 2017 already treasured previous practices in mediation; in particular, an average baggage of 11.8 years. Of these, 35% had been an insurance agent, followed by the group formed by employees of brokers or insurance brokerages (12%).

An activity forever and in good company

And once you land in an activity like mediation, what should newcomers do? Jorge Campos, president of Newcorred -organization with which Xenasegur has signed a collaboration agreement- and promoter of, has it clear:

“Once you are an insurance broker you must work every day to further dignify this noble profession, with full respect for the laws, market practices, customers and, of course, your colleagues and colleagues.”

But above all, Jorge Campos, author of several books and the guide “How to be a runner or start my own brokerage” , recommends that those who start in mediation do not do it alone:

“Loneliness is the most negative and damaging factor. It is important to have someone to turn to to clarify our doubts, to guide us and advise at the time of approaching the issues that are presented to us, to provide us with information about the services we must hire, to help us access the entities insurers … And it is also essential to be in contact with other colleagues to keep us informed of everything that happens in the sector that affects us directly or to join forces in order to defend our own interests and those of our clients. In short, the new brokers are encouraged to partner. ”

What advantages does Xenasegur bring to the mediators?

Regarding that associationism referred to by Jorge Campos, Xenasegur can speak with knowledge of the cause thanks to the collaboration agreements he has signed in recent years with different associations and colleges that represent the insurance mediators of our country.

In the case of the seminars carried out by the subscription agency in the schools of insurance intermediaries in Madrid , Barcelona , Malaga , Zaragoza , Valencia , Álava and Bizkaia , they have made it possible for their associates to have first-hand knowledge of the products of a specialist entity such as Xenasegur, something that professionals of mediation greatly value when it comes to offering insurance tailored to the client.

But, in addition, another advantage of the Xenasegur days is the possibility of expanding knowledge with topics of interest. Thus, since they began to be held in 2016, those who have attended them have had the opportunity to enrich their training in the following areas thanks to the didactic presentations of recognized experts selected by the subscription agency:

  • Digital marketing.
  • Cybersecurity
  • “Compliance” (regulatory compliance).
  • General Regulation of Data Protection.
  • Road safety.
  • History of sports motorcycling.

How do the entities of the sector benefit their associates?

Since we have referred to the schools of insurance mediators, their affiliates can benefit from an extensive catalog of services. And while it is true that the latter are not the same in all entities, roughly we can conclude that they include the following:

  • Legal, tax, labor, accounting, technical, labor, technological, sales, marketing, human resources, etc.
  • Advice and processing of authorizations and administrative claims.
  • Advice on data protection regulations.
  • Advice on money laundering regulations.
  • Peritation cabinet.
  • Exclusive insurance for members (civil liability, health, etc.).
  • Face-to-face, blended, online, etc. training programs
  • Access to job bank.
  • Publications and bulletins of the sector.
  • Participation in events, collegiate and social activities, solidarity campaigns, etc.
  • Additional services with discounts and advantages thanks to the agreements signed with collaborating entities.

And, logically, entities such as the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers (APROMES) or the Federation of Brokers and Insurance Brokers of Spain (FECOR) , with which Xenasegur has also materialized collaboration agreements, or the aforementioned Newcorred are no strangers to services such as those cited.

Each one with its peculiarities, this type of organization has the mission to make life easier for those who are dedicated to mediation, both those who already have an experience in the sale of insurance and those who have just accessed it. Professionals, in short, who have to recycle themselves daily to successfully face a business model that forces them to face numerous challenges: from technological ones to legislative ones, going through the adaptation to the needs of clients such as the “millennials” , the continuous training, etc.

By way of conclusion, Juan Carlos Echevarría, president of the College of Insurance Mediators of Bizkaia, encourages mediation professionals to join or join:

“In the face of the problems that arise, mediators must be united and in schools and associations they will find the way to overcome all the challenges they have to face, whether they meet the requirements in terms of data protection or the have the necessary technological tools . “