Why is Mediation a Future Profession?

Why is Mediation a Future Profession?

Integrated into an attractive and employment generating sector, mediation is an activity with a promising horizon. But in order not to be left out of the game within it and be able to continue providing added value to customers, experts advise their professionals to be trained continuously.

Mediation, a profession of the future II

If something was clear in the article “Mediation, a profession of the future (I)” is that the insurer is a solvent, stable, employment generating and very attractive for those who are preparing their future work. Regarding the factors that can encourage career guidance to the insurance sector, Pilar González de Frutos, President of the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Entities (Unespa) , highlights the Xenasegur blog the high number of permanent contracts – about 97 percent- existing in the insurance industry and a high compensation in relation to other activities.

“In addition,” continues the president of Unespa, “I would like to highlight that just over half of the professionals working in insurance companies are women. Therefore, this is a sector that offers job opportunities for both sexes. ”

For his part, David Salinas, President of the College of Insurance Mediators of Córdoba and vice president of the General Council of the Insurance Mediators’ Colleges , believes that, in the case of mediation, “it is immersed in the need for a profound change and adaptation to a digital society. Therefore, everything that has to do with technology and sociocultural change is an attractive engine for talent “.

And in the case of Jorge Campos, promoter of the support group Newcorred and of the website Quierosercorredordeseguros.es , he states that three factors that can encourage a professional to opt to work in the insurance sector are, first of all, “the strength, the solvency and the innovative evolution of the insurance industry itself. Next, the figure of the broker is evolving towards a comprehensive insurance broker that provides objective and independent advice to clients -professionals, SMEs and families- in the management of their risks, in the choice of their insurance and in the management and processing of his losses. And, finally, the broker is the only type of mediator that is “owner” of its goodwill, that is, its portfolio, and this aspect is very important to grow year after year.

Value added

And no less relevant, Mónica Pons, President of Aunna Asociación , believes that the insurance broker is a profession of the future because of the added value it gives to the product. “Brokers provide independent advice based on the needs of the client. They position themselves beside you and help you when you need it most. Nobody knows customers better than insurance brokers and this is known by companies, which have begun to value that the one provided by the broker is an informed, satisfied and stable customer. ”

“On the other hand,” Mónica Pons continues, “more and more specialized and complex products are being created that require expert advice, so insurance brokers will continue to play a fundamental role. And, finally, these professionals carry out a work of undoubted social value: they listen and advise people to guarantee the most valuable thing they have, remaining at their side in the stressful moment of the accident. And that, on a personal level, is very satisfying. ”

In this regard, Jorge Campos adds that “there will always be customers who prefer to manage a loss with a telephone switchboard. On the contrary, personal and close treatment and objective and independent advice provided by the insurance broker is increasingly recognized. ”

Continuous training, fundamental

As for what advice would give to those who are going to start their professional activity in the insurance industry, Pilar Gonzalez de Frutos notes that “everyone, regardless of their age, must be aware that life and the world are realities that change. And the work environment is not an exception. For this reason, we must be prepared to adapt to the new circumstances presented by the environment. Be able to learn, be attentive to novelty, recycle … Ongoing training is essential. That’s why my advice is that you have to constantly learn and enjoy it. ”

In tune with this speech, Mónica Pons is clear that “in the current environment of maximum changes and demands of all kinds in our sector, a broker can not face alone the new challenges that arise on a day to day basis. The broker or broker must generate sufficient resources to be able to invest in technology, commercial expansion and training, since, otherwise, it will be very difficult to survive in a market like the present one. For this reason it is important to have support such as the one provided by Aunna Asociación. For us, continuous training is being a fundamental lever for the transformation of partners into efficient entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals “.

Another expert who points to the training is David Salinas. “The insurance broker should listen to his client and not be afraid of technology. Undoubtedly, training is the pillar of this economic activity. Without training there is no advice. And without the latter you can not offer added value to the customer. The associations of insurance intermediaries, its General Council and professional associations are fundamental, since the union of professionals with common concerns creates synergies that generate great benefits for the insurance sector, in general, and for insurance brokers, in particular ”

And, as it could not be otherwise, Jorge Campos agrees that “as a basic principle, we must bear in mind that brokers and insurance brokerages focus all their activity on customer service, prioritizing interests and needs at all times. of them above their own. Therefore, an insurance broker must be qualified at all times and, therefore, is very important permanent training in technical-insurance, financial, commercial, etc., with the aim of providing quality service.

“Equally,” he reasons, “it is necessary to bear in mind that a business will be undertaken. Therefore, they must have or acquire the managerial, managerial and administrative skills of any entrepreneur and the subjective ones of those who start a business, as well as assimilate that the beginnings are always difficult and that, as an entrepreneur, the day to day it will not be easy throughout the professional career “.

Mediation, an activity “forever”

Author of several books and, in addition, the guide “How to be a broker or set up my own brokerage” , Jorge Campos believes that “before considering taking the step to become a broker or set up a brokerage, you have to make the decision to start this activity with the goal that it will be forever, although, as I said earlier, the beginnings are complicated. If you are not sure about it or if you think you will be only a few years away, the consequences can be disastrous and, in that case, it is preferable to opt to become another mediator or contributor to a brokerage. ”

“And once you are an insurance broker,” he concludes, “you must work every day to further dignify this noble profession, with full respect for the laws, market practices, customers and, of course, for your colleagues and colleagues. ”

From the above, we can summarize that mediation is integrated into a sector that stands out for a high percentage of permanent contracts and that, even in the worst years of the crisis, has been able to maintain and generate employment. In addition, it is positioned as a very attractive activity, since it can be accessed from a wide range of university specialties or intermediate level. And no less relevant, the professionals consulted by the Xenasegur blog consider that the insurance industry has a long history of both evolution and growth.

But in an activity in which it is essential to provide added value to the client, continuous training and adaptation to new technologies and work methods are vital to ensure the smooth running of a business whose beginnings, as in other areas, They can be difficult However, in the long term it will end up giving both personal and work satisfaction. Thus, we can conclude that mediation, indeed, is a profession of the present with a great future.