Xenasegur and Newcorred Renew their Collaboration Agreement

Xenasegur and Newcorred Renew their Collaboration Agreement

The affiliate subscription agency of the French group Filhet-Allard, Xenasegur , and the professional organization of new brokers and insurance brokerages, Newcorred will continue to collaborate for another year, facilitating that mediation professionals can benefit from the advantages of working with Xenasegur


Jorge Campos, President of Newcorred, and Mónica Galera, Director of Xenasegur

One year after the signing of its collaboration agreement, Xenasegur , subsidiary subscription agency of the French group Filhet-Allard, and Newcorred , professional organization of new brokers and insurance brokerages, have renewed their alliance. In this way, Xenasegur will be able to continue making available to Newcorred associates its innovative products, as well as the training and the necessary tools that will enable them to carry out their daily work.

Xenasegur, an ally of the new insurance brokers

After the renewal of the agreement, and when it was time to take stock of the degree of collaboration between the two entities, Monica Galera, Director of Xenasegur, was satisfied by the support provided by both the subscription agency and Newcorred to whom start in the world of mediation:

“We know that Newcorred provides great support to brokers and insurance brokerages that take their first steps in the insurance industry. And at Xenasegur we wanted to follow the same policy: we received requests to register from Newcorred and we tried to give them special support. ”

In regards to how the products that Xenasegur sells have been received by Newcorred associates, Mónica Galera stressed that the specialization of the subscription agency has made it possible to provide added value to the associates of the organization:

“Since we started collaborating with Newcorred, we have requests from brokers interested in offering Xenasegur products to their customers. In a special way, our motorcycle insurance. They know that we are specialists in the design of products for all types of motorcycles, from scooters to classic or electric motorcycles, so they always count on us when proposing an insurance of these characteristics to a user “.

And with a broader perspective, the director of the underwriting agency explained that specialization, while important, is not the only thing that distinguishes Xenasegur in its relationship with mediation professionals, in general, and Newcorred associates, in particular:

“It is obvious that, as specialists in motorcycle insurance, we can offer a product designed for motorcyclists and all the necessary advice so that the customers of our employees are satisfied with the policies they hire. But in Xenasegur we go further and with the service of attention to the mediator, we facilitate quick negotiations and answer any questions. ”

  “On the other hand, we pay special attention to training and our area salespeople are always willing to provide it in their own brokerages, especially if those who work in them have little experience in the world of insurance. In this regard, we customize the training according to the needs of each brokerage, adapting to their schedules and availability. ”

  “And those who collaborate with Xenasegur benefit from a substantial commission. In this sense, we exceed the market average so that the broker who works with us obtains the highest profitability. ”

Finally, Monica Galera recalled that one of the slogans of Xenasegur is “Traveling together” and stressed that, like Newcorred, if the subscription agency is distinguished for something is to maintain a close relationship with mediation professionals:

“Without a doubt, at Xenasegur we want to continue working closely with Newcorred for a long time, since the new brokers are the future of mediation, an activity of great importance for the development of the insurance industry. At the underwriting agency we love being part of the professional growth of insurance brokers. ”

The importance of having a specialized and trusted “partner”

Regarding Jorge Campos, President of Newcorred, he also made a positive reading of the collaboration agreement between the association he represents and Xenasegur. And, furthermore, he observed that the alliance with a specialized partner such as the subscription agency is very beneficial for the members of Newcorred:

“For the new brokers and brokerages integrated in our organization it is very helpful to have a trusted partner with a great experience in motorcycle insurance such as Xenasegur, which has always given us exceptional treatment and has provided us with a service and attention quality”.

“In general, a new broker must logically select and plan the formalization of agreements with insurers. For this reason, it has to rely on “partners” specialized in certain insurance or niches such as Xenasegur. And collaborating with the underwriting agency gives us coverage in a series of products that we did not reach in our standard agreements with other entities. ”

On that very special and advantageous association between the underwriting agencies such as Xenasegur and brokers and insurance brokerages, Jorge Campos stressed that specialization is essential to adjust to current and future customer demands:

“Specialization is very important and, thanks to it, the underwriting agencies allow a generalist broker to give a specialized service on a specific product to their clients. But to respond to the concerns of the latter, we must not forget technology and how to communicate. Mediation professionals must use different channels to interact with end users. ”

Finally, the head of Newcorred took advantage of the signing of the renewal of the collaboration agreement with Xenasegur to provide some recommendations to those who are considering starting as brokers or opening their own brokerage:

“My main advice is that when you come to this activity do not do it alone. In our profession, loneliness is, without a doubt, the most negative and damaging factor. It is important to have someone to turn to to answer and clarify all our doubts, to guide us and advise on how to approach the issues that are presented to us, to tell us what we have to correct, to provide us with information about the services we need hiring and the documents that we will need or that provide us with the contacts and access to the insurance entities with which to work, while defending us and paving the way for us to attract clients “.

“Also, in our profession it is necessary to be in contact with other colleagues to keep us informed of everything that happens in the sector and that affects us directly. For example, it is necessary to be up-to-date with legislative changes such as those that will lead to the transposition of the European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD, for its acronym in English). And the contact with other brokers and brokers also allows us to join forces in order to have a more robust position to defend our own interests and those of our clients. In short, those who decide to start our activity encourage them to join. And if it’s with Newcorred, even better, of course. ”