Xenasegur and the College of La Coruña

Xenasegur and the College of La Coruña

After the training session held last October, Xenasegur and the Association of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña showed their desire to continue collaborating to promote the work of mediation professionals.


On October 18, within the framework of the training session that Xenasegur carried out at the College of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña , both entities made a positive assessment of the collaboration agreement signed in December 2017 and showed their desire to continue working together This will allow the subscription agency of the French group Filhet-Allard to continue to make its brand and offer known to media professionals from A Coruña and that the latter benefit from the advantages of collaborating with Xenasegur.

Jorge Moreno: “Coruña mediators value the personalized attention of Xenasegur”



After formalizing the renewal of the agreement, Jorge Moreno , Commercial Director of Xenasegur, favorably assessed the existing collaboration between the underwriting agency and the Association of Insurance Brokers of La Coruña, since it has enabled the insurer to have reinforced both its representation in Galicia as its relationship with mediators from A Coruña:

“Due to our policy of supporting the professional associations of insurance mediators, it was essential that Xenasegur was present in the north of Spain. The agreement with the Association of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña has allowed us to increase our presence in the region and increase production by active corridor, satisfying all our expectations. ”

“We are aware that the College of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña provides a great support to mediation professionals, with whom we now have greater proximity. Something that could be seen in the training day of October 18, in which attendees highlighted the personalized attention provided from Xenasegur to the mediator “.

Regarding the topics covered in the training session held in the classroom of the Coruña school, Moreno was pleased with the acceptance that Xenasegur products had among the mediators present:

“The training focused on our flagship product, motorcycle insurance, which continues to arouse great expectations due to the improvements we continue to add, which makes Xenasegur a benchmark in the Spanish market. During the day, the emphasis was on robbery and fire bonuses and the choice of commission option. With regard to the new car insurance , the interest in them continues to increase, since in the market niche we are targeting, users have difficulty finding companies that insure their vehicles. ”

Beyond the products that make up the Xenasegur offer, Jorge Moreno recalled that the employees of the underwriting agency, including insurance intermediaries in A Coruña, enjoy an attractive remuneration system “à la carte” that can be defined in each contract:

“Our collaborators consider that Xenasegur’s remuneration system is a great advantage over other companies, since the average market commission is much lower than what we offer. The mediators appreciate it, because the system allows them to adapt to the client’s offer and increase their profitability. ”

And in order for collaborators to carry out their work with solvency, the subscription agency has an exclusive area ( Access of Mediators ) on its website that, according to the Commercial Director of Xenasegur, provides numerous advantages:

“In a changing market that forces us to handle new technologies and issue policies immediately, from Xenasegur we try to make the mediator as autonomous as possible. Through the tool we have designed, mediation professionals can obtain all available information, copies of policies, premiums and commissions, settlements, coverages, etc., and perform actions such as quotes, policy settlements and claim notifications ” .

“And in addition to this tool, on the day of October 18, the telephone helpline was also discussed. Our line of work is very personalized and with a high level of involvement with the mediator who contacts Xenasegur, since, in addition to informing, we advise, and that is something that the insurance mediator greatly values ​​”.

In short, underlined Jorge Moreno, the advantages, facilities and proximity that the subscription agency provides represent an added value especially appreciated by insurance intermediaries:

“The fact that Juan Miguel Pérez, Comercial de Zona de Xenasegur, was present at the training session held at the College of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña is another example of our line of work. Through it, we inform the collaborators of our products and solve any questions they may have. ”

Juan Manuel Sánchez-Albornoz: “Xenasegur stands out for its professionalism and closeness”



For his part, Juan Manuel Sánchez-Albornoz , President of the College of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña, also made a positive reading of the agreement signed in his day between the institution he represents and Xenasegur:

“The College of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña is grateful to collaborate with specialized subscription agencies such as Xenasegur, which, thanks to their support and involvement, favor the development of collegiate mediators to improve their professionalism. It is important to have the support of an entity that offers growth opportunities to mediators through innovative and competitive products. ”

“For insurance intermediaries, working with the underwriting agencies is an opportunity, since it opens a door to the products managed by large European insurers and to which, otherwise, they would not have access. By collaborating with them, they will be able to expand their service offerings with innovative solutions adapted to the needs of customers “.

And like other presidents of schools of insurance mediators with whom Xenasegur collaborates, Sánchez-Albornoz highlighted the closeness and direct communication existing between the subscription agency and its collaborators:

“Xenasegur is a subscription agency concerned about contact with professional associations and mediators. And that proximity is essential to gain the confidence of the latter and resolve any incident effectively. His professionalism and closeness are factors to take into account when engaging with Xenasegur. ”

Finally, the President of the College of Insurance Mediators of La Coruña thanked the subscription agency for conducting a training day in the classroom of that entity:

“The organization of conferences of this type brings mediators closer to new products and solutions that, in turn, will make it easier for them to expand their service offerings. This school is committed to training as an essential vehicle for the professionalization of the sector “.

Xenasegur signs with the School of La Coruña