Xenasegur renews with the Schools of Álava and Vizcaya

Xenasegur renews with the Schools of Álava and Vizcaya

Both Xenasegur and the Associations of Insurance Mediators of Álava and Bizkaia have made a positive assessment of their relationship and trust that the joint work will contribute to strengthening it in the coming years.

renovación acuerdo colegio mediadores álava y vizcaya

Last September, two years after subscribing its first collaboration agreement, Xenasegur and the Associations of Insurance Mediators of Álava and Bizkaia renewed their alliance. Thanks to this new agreement, the affiliate subscription agency of the French group Filhet-Allard will be able to continue making its brand and offer known to the mediation professionals of both provinces.

Balance on the Agreement with the Associations of Mediators of Ávaya and Bizkaia: “Objective met”

After the renewal of the agreement, and when it was time to take stock of the degree of collaboration between the subscription agency and the Associations of Insurance Mediators of Álava and Bizkaia, Mónica Galera, Director of Xenasegur, was satisfied with the actions carried out together with the Basque entities in these last two years:


“In 2016, when we began to collaborate with them, I stated that our alliance with the Associations of Insurance Mediators of Álava and Bizkaia would allow us to better approach the mediators of the two provinces and promote new ways of joint work and training. Today I can confirm that these objectives have been met, so from Xenasegur we value positively both the relationship with both institutions and the work carried out since our professional relationship with them began. We have no doubt that the latter will continue to strengthen. “

Among the joint actions that have been promoted in these two years, it is worth mentioning the holding of a series of training sessions that have allowed insurance intermediaries in Álava and Bizkaia to learn about Xenasegur products and the advantages of working with the subscription agency. In this regard, Monica Galera highlighted how useful these actions are for mediation professionals:

“Through the training sessions we present our entire offer, based on products that can be adapted to the needs of the client by being customizable. And during these meetings, we remind brokers that they can enjoy the maximum commission on each issue. “

“Also, we inform you of the exclusive access we have enabled for them on our website. It is a powerful tool from which you can directly issue policies and obtain a copy of them, declare a claim quickly, consult information related to receipts, commissions, settlements, etc., and, of course, all types of inquiries on new production and portfolio. “

Finally, Monica Galera highlighted the contribution of the insurance mediator schools of our country to the development of the insurance activity:

“Undoubtedly, through the Associations of Insurance Brokers of Álava and Bizkaia we get the broker to trust Xenasegur, since this professional figure usually relies on this type of entity when it comes to consulting or training. For Xenasegur, the satisfaction of its collaborators and clients is the most important; for that reason, we work together with the schools to facilitate the day to day mediators “.

Jorge Azcárraga: “Xenasegur brings added value”

For his part, Jorge Azcárraga, President of the Association of Mediators of Insurance of Álava, valued the agreement signed in his day with Xenasegur to suppose a breath of fresh air in the portfolio of Alava professionals, whom he encouraged to leave his area of comfort and trust in the subscription agencies:

“At the Association of Insurance Mediators of Álava we understand that mediation should take more advantage of the opportunity to have a supplier such as Xenasegur. Having a specialized interlocutor provides an important added value in the management as well as in the processing and the after-sales service “.

“But, in the case of Álava, there is still a long way to go and we must continue working to try to break the comfort of mediation, accustomed to collaborate with the usual companies, and get it to work with new suppliers such as Xenasegur and get used to the structure of the subscription agencies. We must get them to have confidence in them. “

As for the training session of Xenasegur held last February at the Association of Insurance Mediators of Álava, Azcárraga thanked again that it had been developed in an atmosphere of total and absolute confidence:

“The people who form part of the insurance entities and the strategy of the latter with the mediation channel are essential to consolidate a service project little by little. That said, it is important to highlight the proactive capacity and patience of Xenasegur to channel and manage the doubts and suggestions that arise to the mediators, who have highlighted the ease of management and the communication system with the subscription agency “.

Juan Carlos Echevarría: “Xenasegur stands out for its personalized service”

And as regards Juan Carlos Echevarría, President of the College of Insurance Mediators of Bizkaia, he showed his wish that the collaboration between the entity that presides and Xenasegur be fruitful in time:

“Having as a collaborator a subscription agency like Xenasegur is always positive, it’s like having a good insurance broker by your side. We want Xenasegur to obtain the expected return and, in addition to increasing its business ratio, see in this collaboration a profitable investment from the point of view of image and advertising. For us it is very important to have a long-term relationship with Xenasegur. “

Regarding the products offered by the underwriting agency, Echevarría clarified that they have been well received by Biscay insurance intermediaries:

“In the presentations that Xenasegur has made in these two years, the professionals of our province have seen a business opportunity in the subscription agency and an alternative to the needs that may arise. Both the motorcycle insurance and the latest auto insurance have met expectations. “

Finally, the president of the College of Insurance Mediators of Bizkaia considered that closeness is one of the characteristics that distinguishes Xenasegur from the rest of the insurance entities:

“The most important thing that Xenasegur has is a direct access, quick response and personalized service. There are insurers that have chosen the opposite way: contact through a mailbox, give an automatic response and provide an absolutely impersonal treatment. In that sense, we have no complaints to reproach the subscription agency. “